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Prompt Driving School is one of the best driving school in Blacktown offering cheap driving lessons with professional and experienced driving instructors.

Prompt Driving School

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Professional driving lessons from experienced instructors at Prompt driving school, Driving lessons, Driving instructor in Blacktown, Parramatta and all other surrounding suburbs.

Desire to learn driving but putting it off because you’re nervous? Your search ends right here… Prompt Driving School is a fast growing, dynamic & professional institution where we strive to provide best of knowledge, training & safer driving skills for the budding drivers both young and old.

We are RTA accredited L TRENT qualified driving instructor. Our step by step curriculum based training will ensure that you gain required confidence & competence in your driving skills.

At Prompt Driving School we make learning enjoyable & an unforgettable experience. Our mission is to train & guide you through where you can evolve as a safe & skilled driver & is not limited to merely getting a licence.

We believe driving is an adventure, an experience to cherish & a journey to success. Let us help you carve through this pathway to success; we canensure you that will not be disappointed.

Why Prompt Driving School:
• RTA accredited L TRENT Qualified Male & Female instructor
• Friendly & professional service at your doorstep.
• Step by step curriculum based training
• Affordable prices & packages tailored to individual needs
• Flexible hours & weekend availability

Why Prompt Driving?


We are a
Family owned driving school that focus on training students to
achieve success while guiding through whole licensing as well as
driving process. Coaching A new driver on the road requires a lot of
nurturing and patience. Every new driver at Prompt goes through an
initial screening to understand their awareness of driving rules and
skills which in fact helps the instructors in assessing what routes
and criteria they should follow in coaching the students.


Our Vision is to excel new drivers with maximum safety while promptly achieving results.


We are –


• RTA accredited L TRENT Qualified Male & Female instructor
• Friendly & professional service at your doorstep.
• Step by step curriculum based training
• Affordable prices & packages tailored to individual needs
• Flexible hours & weekend availability


Our instructor


All our instructors have a minimum of 5 years’ experience on road with full instructors training courses successfully completed Each of our instructors go through assessments which successfully qualifies them for a Licenced Instructor. Our instructors understand new drivers and their skills and only then start coaching them with patience. Whether it be Learners or Provisional (P1 & P2) drivers must obey special rules, which are designed to keep you safe while you’re building your driving skills and experience. Each session involves theoretical and practical lessons which help in building a strong base for any new drivers. Depending on availability we have both male and female instructors to choose from.


The NSW Licencing Process


Learners, Provisional P1 (Red P), Provisional P2 (Green P), Learners L


Any new driver with L’s need to log at least 120 hours driving experience, including 20 hours of night driving, in your learner driver log book. At Prompt we offer to maintain your comprehensive log book to get you aligned with your hours on the road. You can choose to take a Safer Drivers Course to improve your skills (and get a bonus 20 hours in your log book!). Structured lessons with a licensed NSW driving instructor will also give you a bonus of 3-for-1 log book hours.


to Provisional P1


Once you have held your learner licence for at least 10 months, you need to pass the Hazard Perception Test (HPT). After you’ve completed at least 120 hours of driving practice, including 20 hours of night driving (unless you’re exempt from this requirement), you can book a driving test. Once you pass the driving test, you progress to the next licence stage – a provisional P1 licence.


to Provisional P2


Once you’ve held your provisional P1 licence for at least 12 months, you can apply for a provisional P2 licence. P1 licence holders who haven’t already done the Hazard Perception Test (HPT) will need to pass it in order to progress to a P2 licence.


Your P2 licence is valid for 36 months. After 24 months, you can upgrade to a full unrestricted licence, as long as you haven’t been suspended for unsafe driving behaviour.


Why it is important to get driving lessons


you do anything is how you do everything”, we understand getting
the privilege to drive on the road could be exciting. Being on the
road is not just about us but also safety of others. Our driving
instructors understand this and right from day 1 our students are
taught the necessary skills to drive safely while making our students
aware of the rules and regulations.


A new driver on the road can get overwhelmed with a lot to process i.e. Speed, Distance, Indicators, Negotiate lane changes, Parking the list goes on… Our instructors are friendly yet professional in making you aware of all of the above simultaneously so that processing is easy and you don’t feel pressured. Each driving lesson will give you a thorough understanding on rules and how one needs to successfully follow this.


International licence, Driving lessons for international students.


If you hold an International drivers licence and are willing to convert that into an Australian NSW drivers licence we can help you with the whole process. Depending on what licence you hold and from which country as long as it’s recognised by Service NSW we can help you in converting this. For more information please visit or contact us


Pricing & Packages

Test Day Rate :

  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 60 Min Per Lesson

10 Lesson Package :

  • 10 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 60 Min Per Lesson

Contact Information

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