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Pass your practical test

Driving tips and skills to become a safe driver

Driving is learned by the continuous practice with some experienced supervisor or instructor, and safe driving is learned by following road safety and natural rules, so it is necessary for every novice driver to must learn and practice these driving tips to become a safer driver.

You should do a lot of practice before taking the actual test & this requires a very careful and concentrated eye on the lessons being taught during the training sessions. You should not forget to keep away from any kind of internal or external distractions. You should consider the following points:

  • Drive confidently.
  • Do not panic even in heavy traffic.
  • Control your speed on the road and never exceed the speed limit.
  • Keep an eye on the mirrors.
  • Do not use mobile phone while driving.
  • Maintain an adequate distance between the other cars on the road.
  • Do not forget to give indicators while turning.
  • Be careful when changing lanes.
  • When you see traffic lights or stop sign maintain a distance before you stops your car.
  • Try to practice reverse parallel parking.
  • Be prepared before drive in the country side.

We recommend you to continuously practice these tips so that they become your habit and you can drive safely and provide a safe environment to whole community.

There are some other important points to remember & that are helpful to pass your practical test as well as they will surely help you to become a safe driver.

Tips to pass your driving test

Road safety tips

Tips to avoid demerit points

If you practice smart & follow these tips, you will surely get your licence in first attempt. However it is highly recommended to get a professional training before you go for a test.

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