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Road safety tips

Some basic driving rules and safety tips to avoid dangers

Following are some road safety tips to be followed to drive safely.

Follow the road signs

All road signs must be known and understood.

Aware of road lines and markings

You must understand all type of road lines and markings used; lack of understanding can cause serious accidents.

Avoid Over speeding

Never drive above the speed limit, and follow all speed limits signs even if it is not defined, especially in school zone and residential areas.

Keep left on road side

Always drive on left hand side of the two way roads, and while crossing the intersection, must watch for traffic, first on your right hand side, then left and then again right hand side to move further.

Always wear your seatbelts

It is a serious offence to drive without wearing seatbelts, so always make sure that seatbelts are worn.

Drive more carefully in country areas

Must watch for wildlife and livestock on road while driving in country area roads, always drive on safe speed.

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