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Defensive driving

Safe and protective driving lessons for your licence

Our driving schools offer defensive driving courses for young drivers which include solid techniques of defensive driving skills for better and safe driving.

Defensive driving reduces the risks involved in all major and minor road accidents and with our Instructors, drivers can learn how to minimize those risks on road and avoid such behavior causing trouble or danger for any one in community.

Our driving schools encourage protective and defensive driving habits and promote safe driving environment by teaching and training hazard perception and risk management skills.

Some of the basic defensive driving tips trained by our instructors are

  • Stay Alert
  • Remember Safety First
  • Never rely on other drivers
  • Always have safe route
  • Always maintain 3 to 4 seconds distance from other driver
  • Always check blind spots
  • Keep scanning road, sides, back and side mirrors
  • Make yourself visible by turn signals, Headlights and Brake lights
  • Follow road rules
  • Go with the Flow

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