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Tips to avoid demerit points

Information and tips to avoid driving offences and fines

Careless driving always end up in creating troubles and some time it results even serious accidents. To avoid such mishaps government enforces fines and demerits licence points in order to discourage reckless or careless driving.

In order to avoid losing your licence points make sure you follow all road rules and drive safely. Some of the major causes of demerit points are:

Over speeding

Over speeding can demerit four points of L and P1 plate drivers.

Drink driving

Will end up in losing your licence if you drink and drive with holding L or P plate.

Car with visible L or P plate

If you are holding L or P licence, must attach your plate on front, back and outside of your car.

Use of mobile phone

While driving it can also be end up in losing your licence if you are a L or P plate driver.

Check your demerit point online

New South Wale

New South Wales – check your demerit points


Queensland Government – Check demerit points

South Australia

South Australia – Check demerit points


VicRoads – Demerit points

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Demerit Points – Road Transport Authority – ACT Government

Northern Territory

MVR Demerit Points – Northern Territory Government

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