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Getting ready for Ls

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) and learner licence information and advice in Sydney

In order to get your learner driving licence you should be well prepared first to pass a Driving Knowledge Test (DKT)

What is Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

Driver Knowledge Test (DKT) is a computer based online test which includes 45 questions related to road rules knowledge, passing this test is the first step of getting your learner licence.You can study road rules online on RMS website online. You must study and understand these road rules to pass your DKT.

Booking your Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)

You can book a driving knowledge test (DKT) online from RTA website or by visiting RTA. Each time you appear for test a test fee is applicable.

Preparing for drivers licence

Knowing the basic rules of driving gives a good impact on the test takers and it proves that you are ready for at least a learning licence which will take you to the next level of driving and attaining a proper licence.

No matter you have ever driven the car before or you have never tried to take the car on the roads you should keep an eye on how things happen, the traffic flow, speed issues etc you should also keep the handbook with you and try to act rationale and confident while taking the learner driving licence test.

Our partner driving schools are expert for training novice drivers in order to get their learning licence.You can find our best driving schools in your area who can prepare you in very short time so once you pass your learner driving licence test you are welcome on board to start driving with your L plate.

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