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Free driving lessons

Book your free driving lesson with keys2drive accredited professional instructors

What is key2Drive?

The organization Keys2Drive is an Australian Government funded programme which is developed to teach safety driving to the youth. The key2drive concept was developed by Australian Automobile Association.

What is Keys2Drive free driving lesson

Keys2drive provides free 60 minute driving lessons to learner licence holders by their accredited driving instructors who explain about the learning approaches of keys2drive.

This driving lesson introduces the keys2drive practical learning approach to drivers and their parent/supervisors by examples and practical scenarios when learning to drive a car.

Keys2drive free driving lesson is not a replacement of normal driving lessons but designed as a complement to welcome you for self learning to be a safer driver and parents/supervisors are intended to attend with learners so they can be aware and help learners to follow all leaning practices in future.

Booking your

Keys2Drive free driving lessons

It's easy and simple to get registered for a Key2Drive session via your driving school; all you have to do is to:

  • Register for Key2Drive session by using your learning license number.
  • Collect your session ID which is unique and assigned to you only.
  • Contact and inform your driving school immediately to accompany you at your learning session, one of our trainers will be with you as a supervisor throughout the learning session.

Preparing your Keys2Drive free driving lessons

Most of the driving schools registered with us are Keys2Drive accredited and their driving instructors deliver this free session. You can get book anytime to take this free session with any of our Keys2Drive accredited driving school.

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