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Tips to Pass your Driving Test

Tips to avoid common mistakes in your practical driving test and to do checklist before your driving test

A way to learn driving tips to pass your practical driving test is to practice all road rules and driving tips regularly until it becomes your habit before your driving test, also one should be aware of common mistakes made by learners during the actual test or some common things which your examiner wants to see in your driving.

Must stop at Stop Signs

Slowdown your speed or keep moving slowly does not work on stop signs. Must stop your car before line and look your right and left, try to wait for at least 3 seconds to look right, left and right again before moving again.

Never forget Blind Spots

Must check blind spots while changing your lane, turning or merging lanes as well as observation check is required when going through traffic light, applying break, approaching roundabout and on turning. Missing any of these tips can end up failing your driving test.

Proper use of Indicators

Never too late to signal before you turn your car, or changing lane. At least signal for five seconds before you change your lane, turn your car, leaving a parking space or moving from kerb.

Check your Car before leaving for your driving test

It is your responsibility to organize a car for your driving test, must check your car fitness otherwise your test will be cancelled. So make sure your car

  • Indicators and brake lights working properly.
  • Has rego.
  • Have clean windows
  • Tyres are inflated correctly.

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