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MD Driving Lessons is one of the best driving school in Bankstown offering cheap driving lessons with professional and experienced driving instructors.

MD Driving Lessons


My name is Masud. I am your Driving Instructor at MD Driving Lessons. I have a passion in teaching. My unique training delivery method made me a successful Driving Instructor in Sydney. My Driving School Bankstown service is uniquely designed for Bankstown, Lakemba, Punchbowl and surrounding areas. I can speak ENGLISH, HINDI, URDU AND BENGALI. So, in case you have a language difficulty, you came to the right place. If not, you will still enjoy a full of fun Driving Lesson.

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MD Driving Lessons is a fully accredited Driving School by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). Our mission is to deliver Safe Driving Method. The objective is to produce skilled drivers, not only passing the Driving Test. You will gain enough confidence and get rid of nervousness which is the first key to pass the Driving Test. When you start driving with us, you will already learn what the Test Officer is expecting from you. You will automatically learn all the techniques without having any stress in mind. Your friendly Driving Instructor is ready to answer any relevant question - any time you want.

The vehicle is complaint with RMS requirements. Full Duel Controls are installed for your safety. Fully insured vehicle means you will have peace in mind as Learner Driver. That's not all. Structured Lesson Plan is designed to cover all aspects of driving from the day one.

My Driving School MD Driving Lessons covers the following service areas: Driving School Bankstown - Driving School Lakemba - Driving School Punchbowl - Driving School Beverly Hills - Driving School Rockdale - Driving School Hurstville - Driving School Lidcombe - Driving School Roselands - Driving School Belmore and all surrounding suburbs.

Also covers Ashfield, Canterbury, Dulwich Hill and surrounding suburbs.


First Lesson: $35/Hour

Regular Lesson: $45/Hour (Pay as you go)

5 Hours Lesson: $43/Hour ($215 total cost)

10 Hours Lesson: $42/Hour ($420 total cost)

20 Hours Lesson: $40/Hour ($800 total cost)

Test Car Hire: $150 (includes 1 Hour Pre-test Lesson)


Md M Islam

Driving school instructor - Md M Islam
Male Bangla,English,Hindi,Urdu

Pricing & Packages

First Timer

  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 60 Min Per Lesson

Test Car Hire

  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 120 Min Per Lesson

5 Hours Lesson

  • 5 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 60 Min Per Lesson

10 Hours Lesson

  • 10 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 60 Min Per Lesson

20 Hours Lesson

  • 20 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 60 Min Per Lesson

Terms & conditions

All prices are subject to change without any prior notification.


Contact Information

MD Driving Lessons

Stacey Street,
Bankstown, NSW 2200

(0466) 585-526

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Tuesday09:00 AM - 10:00 PM
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