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Practical Driving Skills is one of the best driving school in Newcastle offering cheap driving lessons with professional and experienced driving instructors.

Practical Driving Skills

Practical Driving Skills is the only 'driving school' for Supervisors!

That is, we train supervisors how to 'supervise' their learner effectively.

Why train the supervisor? Well do you know that many driving instructors actually teach incorrect, often out-dated methods? (And this is regardless of who they work for ... even the 'big' companies.) Our focus is to have people learn to drive properly ... the right way, with modern techniques.

And by training the supervisor to use these same techniques, your learner (or learners) will be that much better equipped.

You'll know what to look for, and why, so that every minute your learner is on the road will be that much more valuable and effective.

And of course, you'll become a better driver too. After all, how long ago did you learn to drive? And what about all those bad habits you've developed:-)

Plus, you'll save money on all those once-a-week driving lessons!

Practical Driving Skills will teach the right way of doing things from the beginning.  So you'll be more confident of your learner on the road. And we guarantee you'll learn more in one lesson than you will with anyone else!

Pricing & Packages

Two Hour Lesson

  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 120 Min Per Lesson

Trial Test-Preparation

  • 1 Lesson(s)
  • Duration 90 Min Per Lesson

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Limited Offer:

Free 30 minute assessment of your driving skills!

Are you really ready to be a Supervisor!

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Practical Driving Skills

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