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Learnersgopro is one of the best driving school in Sydney offering cheap driving lessons with professional and experienced driving instructors.


About Nobby

Hi my name is Norberto Quinones, but you can call me Nobby. As a boy my dream was to learn to drive but this was impossible growing up in Cuba, it is a poor country where driving schools didn’t exist and owning a car was rare.

One day my uncle came home with a car, I begged him to teach me to drive and when he said yes, I knew my dreams were about to come true but little did I know what I was getting myself into.

My Uncle was very hands off and gave me very basic instructions.

There was great freedom in this but I wasn’t well prepared for the future roads I was going to experience. Not long after that, I left Cuba to Central America where I converted my tractor license to a car license. This led me to practise and learn more advanced skills on my own via trial and error.

Man was this risky and it’s not something I would recommend as your life is on the line.

In Australia, I have driven semi trailers & trucks with my HC License. With over 30 years of driving experience and a passion for driving and teaching, it is my goal to bring people’s dreams to life by teaching them to drive safely while having fun on the streets of Sydney.

Our Services

Learners GoPro only allow late model Dual Controlled Cars (Air Conditioned) no older than 3 years with reverse camera, power steering and large mirrors for safer driving across the busy roads of the Eastern Suburbs, Sydney CBD, South East and Inner West.

Terms & conditions

We structure our lessons to suit the below

  • Beginners & Students
  • Automatic and manual learners
  • Refresher lessons to suit all levels
  • Pre-test assessment
  • Overseas change-over license
  • Nervous, older & international students

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Sydney, NSW 2000

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02 9119 3351
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