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Book driving test - Driving School Booking Agency

Driving School Booking Agency is one of the best driving school in Deeragun offering cheap driving lessons with professional and experienced driving instructors.

Driving School Booking Agency

Welcome to Driving School Booking Agency

We actually take details and actively contact schools in the area to offer a student to them, charging the Driving school a small fee for the information.

An Inovative Idea first for Townsville  Just like a Taxi Service, call one number and get the Vehicle to come to you, just Call us and we will pass on your information, so the school can contact you and negotiate booking a lesson or more, this Service is Free to you we just charge the school a one off fee for information, over time this will become the normal way to find a school to suit your needs!  This system is a Win Win for schools and Student alike, the Schools need to Advertise less, and the student just makes one call, instead of the many just to find a school that is able to help!    

Nothing To loose, Free to you!

Pricing & Packages

Terms & conditions

Services provided for Free to the public   

Students looking for a Driving School in their area.  Students looking for a specific School.  Advise in procedures for Driving Test.  Advise on Road Rules.        

Services that require a payment  Booking a Test requires a $60 up front payment.  You can Pay for a Driving Lesson up front and we will forward the funds less our Commission.  Saturday Tests to be Booked require $75 up front payment.

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Driving School Booking Agency

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