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Getting Started For Your Driving Test in Australia

Getting Started For Your Driving Test in Australia

  • Farooq Ahmed
  • 12.01.2016

The driving test

An exam that is conducted to test your practical driving skill as part of your driver license processing. This on road driving test that you take with driving testing officers who ensures that the driver has been trained enough for hazard perception, road safety rules and safe driving skills.

Steps to Getting Your Driver License

Learner’s permit can be your starting point if you are planning to drive for the first time. Normally there are three steps to go through for any new learner driver.

  • Learners permit
  • Provisional License
  • Full License

Rules, Eligibility Criteria & Requirements

The rules and requirements vary depending upon states as the process to get a driving licence differs between different states. Australians from different states must get a new state driver licence after three months of their residency (some exceptions may apply).

Specific State Requirements For Driving Test

If you are planning to stay particular state for more than three months, you may need to research specific state requirements as each state has its own requirements.


For driver test requirements in Victoria please visit VicRoad Licences


For driver test requirements in Queensland please visit Queensland Government-Getting a Licence

South Australia

For driver test requirements in South Australia please visit Government of South Australia-Driving Licence Requirements


For driver test requirements in Tasmania please visit Tasmanian Government-Department of State Growth Transport

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

For driver test requirements Australian Capital Territory please visit Getting a driving licence in ACT

Western Australia

For driver test requirements in Australian Western Australia please visit Western Australia-Department of Transport

Northern Territory

For driver test requirements in Australian Northern Territory please visit Northern Territory Government-Department of Transport

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