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Getting Started For P1 Driving Licence in NSW

Getting Started For P1 Driving Licence in NSW

  • Farooq Ahmed
  • 13.01.2016

Minimum Requirement

A learner driver at least 17 years old, after successfully logging at least 120 hours of log book and holding a learner licence for at least 12 months can go a learner driving test.

The Driving Test

A practical driving test must be pass to obtain P1 driver licence. Roads and Maritime Services testing officer will be testing your driving skills and road safety rules during your driving tasks. Necessary instructions will be provided before you proceed to your practical driving test and after completion of the test you will be informed about your test results i.e. pass or fail. Feedback on your mistakes will be given to you in case you fail your driving test.

Before You Book Your Driving Test

Make sure you know all road rules and practice them enough before you book your practical driving test. All the tasks must be done from your log book and you learn every skill to become a safe driver. The best key to become a safer driver is to overcome your nerves and feel confident while driving.

NSW, Roads and Maritime Services provides A Guide to the Driving Test which consist basic information about your driving test so make sure you read it before you go for your driving test.

Booking a Driving Test

When you feel have learned all road safety rules and driving skills and you are confident to take the driving test, you can make a booking by


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